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Final bulletin

1. Scientific Program (talks/posters)

The final program can be found on the Indico page. The conference will start at 9:00 on Monday, May 25th and end at 13:25 on Friday, May 29th. The poster session will be held in the evening on Tuesday, May 26th, from 17:30 to 19:30. Titles and abstracts for all the oral and poster presentations can be found here.

2. Registration

The registration starts at 8:00 on Monday, May 25th. Please pick up on your name tag, and a conference bag, which contains a book of abstracts & information, and other documents.

3. Conference venue

The conference will take place at "Noyori Conference Hall" in Higashiyama campus of Nagoya University. See the "Conference Venue" page for details. All the oral sessions will be held in the auditorium on the 2nd floor. The reception party and the poster session will be held on the 1st floor.

4. Travel

4.1 Access to JR Nagoya Station:

From "Centrair" (Central Japan International Airport) to Nagoya Sta., take a Meitetsu Line to Nagoya Station (40 min, 870 Yen). We do not recommend taxi, as it is very expensive; it costs about 15,000 Yen from the airport to the center of Nagoya city.

From Narita International Airport to Nagoya Sta., take Narita Express or Airport Rapid to JR Tokyo Sta. (60 min), and then transfer to Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya Sta. (100 min by NOZOMI super-express). It costs 13,140 Yen in total.

From Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) to Nagoya Sta., take Keikyu Airport Line to Shinagawa Sta. (13 min), and then transfer to Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya Sta. (100 min by NOZOMI super-express). It costs 10,767 Yen in total.

From Kansai International Airport to Nagoya Sta., take JR Kansai Airpot Limited Express HARUKA to JR Shin-Osaka Sta. (52 min), and then transfer to Shinkansen to Nagoya Sta. (52 min by NOZOMI super-express). It costs 7,610 Yen in total.

You can search the timetables and routes of the trains at Jorudan or HyperDia. For more information, please refer to JR Shinkansen, Keikyu Line, or Meitetsu Line.

4.2 Inside Nagoya City:

Subway is the most convenient means of transportation in Nagoya city. You can get the subway instruction at

and the route map at

The yellow and purple lines indicate Higashiyama Line and Meijyo Line respectively.

From Nagoya Sta. to Nagoya University, take a Subway Higashiyama Line, then transfer at Motoyama Sta. to a Subway Meijo Line and get off at Nagoya Daigaku Sta. (21 min, 270 Yen).

From Nagoya Sta. to Nagoya downtown (Sakae), take a Subway Higashiyama Line (5 min, 200 Yen).

From Sakae to Nagoya University, take a Subway Higashiyama Line, then transfer at Motoyama Sta. to a Subway Meijo Line and get off at Nagoya Daigaku Sta. (16 min, 240 Yen).

Pease also refer to information on our webpage;

5. Social Events

5.1 Welcome Reception:

The welcome reception party will be held in the evening on Monday, May 25th from 19:00 to 21:00, at the 1st floor of the Noyori Conference Hall. Meals and drinks are provided. We welcome accompanying persons to join.

5.2 Excursion:

We will have excursion in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 27th. Buses will leave the campus at 13:00. A lunch box will be provided. Those who have registered for excursion are requested to follow instruction provided during the conference.

5.3 Banquet

All the participants and accompanying persons are invited to the banquet, which will be held in the evening on Thursday, May 28th from 19:00 to 21:00, at Nagoya Tokyu Hotel. Prof. Toshihide Maskawa, a Nobel Laureate in Physic and the director of Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute, will also join us. To taste a bit of Japanese traditional culture, there will be a special presentation of "Gagaku", Japanese classical court music. Don't miss it out!

6. Lunch, Coffee Break

From Monday, May 25th through Thursday, May 28th, lunch will be provided on the 1st floor of the Noyori Conference Hall. If you join excursion on Wednesday, please pick up a lunch box. Coffee break are held on the 1st floor. No food and drink are allowed in the auditorium on the 2nd floor. We appreciate your kind cooperation.

7. Instruction for Speakers

We will prepare a PC for presentations, which accept PDF and PowerPoint. In order to avoid wasting valuable time, we kindly request each speaker to upload his/her slides to the corresponding slot on the INDICO page, one day before the talk. The INDICO modification key will be announced to speakers by a e-mail. If you need any assistance, please ask one of the conference staff.

8. Poster Session
On Tuesday, May 26th, the poster session will be held from 17:30 to 19:30 at the meeting room located on the first floor, where light snacks and drinks will be served. The poster boards will be set at the corridor on the first floor at the beginning of the conference. Please make sure to put your poster before 14:00 on the 26th. We will provide tapes to fix posters, so please ask one of our staff members as you need. The size of a poster board is 1130 mm x 1630 mm. After the poster session, the posters will be displayed at the corridor until the end of the conference.

9. Internet

Nagoya University provides a wireless network system for the guests. The Internet access is made under the SSID: nuwnet. The ID and the password for the access can be found on your name tag. Connection via eduroam is also available.

10. Proceedings
The proceedings of the conference will be published in Proceedings of Science, the open access online journal organized by SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste. The procedure for submission and the required style file are found on More details will be announced during the conference.

11. Currency exchange

No currency exchange is available in and near the campus. Therefore, we suggest you to exchange currency at the airport. Note that credit cards are not widely used in Japan. They can be used at most of hotels, at major stores and at JR stations, but they may not be accepted at small shops, subway stations etc.

12. Weather

The climate is usually warm and mild in Nagoya in May. The temperature ranges from 15(min.) to 25(max.) degrees Celsius. It sometimes reaches around 30 degrees.

13. Contact

If you wish to contact the local organization committee of FPCP2015, please send an e-mail to

1st bulletin

1. Scientific program (talks/posters)

All talks are plenary invited talks in this conference. The program consists of the following sessions;

* CP violation & non lepton B decays
* Semileptonic and lepton B decays
* Spectroscopy, production and decay of hadrons with heavy flavors
* Top, Higgs, and NP search at LHC: Run1 summary and Run2 prospect
* Mixing and CPV in charm decays
* Kaon decays
* Lattice QCD
* Lepton physics
* Electric Dipole Moment
* Future facilities

See for Program page more details.

Poster Session: a poster session will be organized to encourage presentations by young researchers. If you plan to give a poster presentation, please submit the title and abstract of your poster through the Poster Submission page after completing the conference registration. The submission deadline is April 30, 2015.

2. Conference schedule

The conference starts in the morning of May 25 (Mon.), and run through early afternoon of May 29 (Fri.). Participants are expected to arrive at Nagoya on May 24 (Sun.) and depart on May 30 (Sat.)

3. Conference site

The conference will take place at "Noyori conference hall" in the Higashiyama campus of the Nagoya University. See Conference Venue page for details. Nagoya is situated 350 km to west from Tokyo and 200 km east from Osaka. The closest international airport is the Chubu international airport. It takes only 35 minutes from the airport to Nagoya city by an express train. See Transportation page.

4. Registration/Accommodation

Online registration can be made through the Registration page. The registration fee is JPY 35,000, if registration and payment are made before April 19, 2015. Beyond this deadline, the registration fee is JPY 40,000. The final deadline for registration and payment is April 30, 2015. Registration fee includes entry to all conference scientific sessions, lunch each day from Monday 25th through Thursday 28th, conference proceedings, welcome reception and workshop dinner.

5. Accommodation

Block reservations have been made with special rates at a number of hotels in the city. More details can be found in the Accommodation page. Online reservation can be made together with the registration through the Registration page.

6. Social events

We will arrange the following social events. See the Social Events page for more details.

* Welcome Reception (Monday evening on May 25)
* Excursion (Wednesday afternoon on May 27)

→ Please book for excursion through the Registration page.

* Workshop Dinner (Thursday evening on May 28)

7. Visa

A valid passport is required for entry to Japan. Participants from some countries will also need a visas. Participants, who need a visa, are requested to fill out the entry field for visa in the Registration page.