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Travel to Japan

The nearest international airport to Nagoya is
Central Japan International Airport (centrair).
There are more direct flights from many countries to
Narita International Airport or Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) or Kansai International Airport,
but you have to take another domestic flight or Shinkansen to reach Nagoya.

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Travel to Nagoya University

The conference is held at Nagoya University, Higashiyama Campus.
Higashiyama Campus is just off the subway exit, Nagoya Daigaku Sta.
Nagoya Daigaku stands for Nagoya University in Japanese.

From Centrair (Central Japan International Airport)
From Narita International Airport
From Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
From Kansai International Airport
From JR Nagoya Station

Take the Meitetsu Line to Kanayama Sta. (30 min),
then transfer to the Subway Meijyo Line
and get off at Nagoya Daigaku Sta. (21 min).

You can search the timetable and route of the train at

For more information, please refer to the following web sites:
Access to Nagoya Univ.

A subway trip costs 240 yen, 270 yen and 270 yen from Sakae, Nagoya and Kanayama to Nagoya University, respectively. There are no discount available for buying weekly passes or blocks of order of 10 tickets ahead. It is possible to buy and use a card with electronic cash to simplify paying tickets, there are charges applied when converting back the electronic cash. The details for this card are explained at here.